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Experimentos científicos

Fernando Gabriel Altamirano

Molecular Biologist

PhD in Neurosciences

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Research interests

My recent work has focused on studying an autism spectrum disorder associated with a novel mutation in pyruvate dehydrogenase (PDH). An undescribed point mutation in a mitochondrial protein associated with severe autism will be studied. The minimal objective is to analyze parameters of energy metabolism and stress in cell cultures of these patients. Based on what they observe, they will test treatments to rescue the functional deficits associated with the PDH mutation.

Academic background


Postdoctoral researcher

Posdoctoral researcher

Instituto de Investigación Médica Martín y Mercedes Ferreyra, Cordoba, Argentina

I´m working on the role of chromosome imbalance in energetic metabolism and cellular senescence.



Ph.D in Neuroscience

National University of Cordoba, Argentina

During my thesis I studied the circadian rhythms of epigenetic modifications in genes related to cognitive functions in an aging model subjected to caloric restriction.


Bachelor's Degree

B.Sc. in Molecular Biology

National University of San Luis, Argentina

As part of my thesis I studied the modification of the circadian rhythmicity of the antioxidant defense system in the heart during aging in male rats.



Altamirano, F. G., Castro-Pascual, I. C., Ferramola, M. L., Tula, M. L., Delgado, S. M., Anzulovich, A. C., & Lacoste, M. G. (2021). Aging disrupts the temporal organization of antioxidant defenses in the heart of male rats and phase shifts circadian rhythms of systolic blood pressure. Biogerontology, 22(6), 603–621. Advance online publication.

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